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Special Varmam Therapy

Being a charitable trust, since 2005, we offer the basic varmam therapy at a very affordable cost. Almost 70% of the patients get relief in that treatment methodology itself. But, for the remaining 30% of the patients, we are not able to achieve the desired results in this basic treatment methodology.

For such patients, we suggest special varmam treatments like:

  • Elai Kizhi (Heat application - herbal powder)
  • Nei Kizhi (Heat application - herbal powder + oil)
  • Thul Kizhi (Heat application - herbal powder + cereals powder)
  • Mamisa Kizhi (Heat application - herbal powder + flesh)
  • Navara Kizhi (Heat application - herbal powder + rice)
  • Tharai (Tripping of oil / heated milk / decoction of herbs)
  • Duvalai (Soaking by oil)
  • Patru (Application of herbal paste)
  • Thappalam (Application of herbal paste on head)
  • Otthadam (Herbal heat application)
  • Varmam Massage

The cost of special varmam treatment will vary depending on the type of treatment to be given to the patient based on their body condition. Please note that cost of special varmam treatment is little expensive compared to the basic treatment methodology.

Varmam Rejuvenation Massage

We do offer varmam rejuvanetion massage at our Coimbatore Therapy Centre. Please contact us for consultation and booking.

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