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Thirumoolar Varmam Research and Therapy Centre

In the changing global scenario, the world has begun to look for a medical system that is cost effective, has no side effect and can go beyond the limitations of other existing systems. Varmalogy, a traditional system still being practised in deep southern Tamil Nadu, meets these challenging requirements. Varmam masters have practised it effectively over the ages; written evidence of this is available. It is more than just a medical practice; it is revered as a Divine art. Beyond medical practices to cure diseases and enhance human well being, varmalogy also forms the foundation for Indian culture.

Varmam - A study on life force

Varmam is one of India's ancient system of medicine. The word denotes 'energy in the body'. It can also be called 'life energy'. The places where this energy resides in the body are called varmam points. The basic objective of the varmam system of medicine is to stimulate these points to cure diseases.

Varmam Medical Texts

This is not an orally transmitted system of medicine. Varmalogy is based on written texts; over 120 titles are found, mostly in the Tamil language. Most of the available texts are in the form of palm leaf manuscripts. Some have been transcribed in the Malayalam script. Only one manuscript has been found in Sanskrit.

Varmalogy: Special Features

This is a scientific system of medicine, one with no side effects or adverse effects. It includes methods of disease prevention. The costs under this system are minimal. It works well in conjunction with other system of medicine like Allopathy, Homeopathy, Siddha and Ayurveda. It can also work independent of those other systems, both with and without medicines.

Thirumoolar Varmam Research and Therapy Centre

Thirumoolar Varmam Research and Therapy Centre, a division of Arts Research Institute (ARI), has been spreading the science of varmam among the people of Tamil Nadu since 2005. ARI has also organized several free Varmam Medical Camps, jointly with Rotary and Lions Clubs. Nearly 1500 registered medical practitioners, across different systems of medicine, have learnt varmalogy through ARI and are serving the people today.

ARI has 18 treatment centres across India covering Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and New Delhi. There are 150 doctors across various disciplines, who serve patients at these centres. 350 volunteers too serve alongside them. Nearly 2,250 people (both new and follow up) receive varmam treatment each month through ARI. It is noteworthy that treatments are conducted under the supervision of registered medical practitioners, who have government recognition to practice medicine.

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