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Project Hope

Varmam Treatment for HIV / AIDS Patients

Project Hope: Overview

AIDS is the scourge of this millennium. The whole world is grappling with the deadly disease and each stream of medicine is trying to find a cure. Varmam, the ancient medical science of India, has been able to bring about and sustain remarkable improvement in a single AIDS patient. Buoyed by this breakthrough, Project Hope has been floated, to study the efficacy of varmam treatment against AIDS in at least 10 patients, over one year period.  

Varmam Overview:

Varmam denotes life energy.  As a science of medicine, it traces its recorded origins to as far back as the 5th century AD. It has its own extensive written texts on physiology, anatomy, diagnosis and treatment. Although it is a very vast science, treatment primarily involves: (a) application of pressure to specific points of the body where life energy is abundant (b) application of varmam herbal oils to the body and intake of varmam herbal medicines.  

About ARI:

Arts Research Institute (ARI) is a registered public charitable trust founded in 2005. Thirumoolar Varmam Research & Therapy Centre (TVR&TC), a unit of ARI, has 10 therapy centres in Tamil Nadu and 5 therapy centres in other Indian states.  Through TVR&TC, the trust provides cost effective medical treatment to nearly ten thousand patients every month, using varmam, an ancient Indian medical system. The results achieved across a variety of diseases were highlighted at the first National Conference on Varmology held in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu in May 2008. (Please visit for further details)

All treatment at TVRTC is done under the supervision of government recognized medical professionals and under the guidance of Dr.N.Shunmugom, Ph.D., Varmam Researcher. Dr.N.Shunmugom has, at the behest of the Directorate of Indian Medicine and Homoeopathy, trained more than 500 physicians employed in Tamil Nadu Government Hospitals and Primary Health Centres. 

Project Hope: Aim

To study the efficacy of varmam treatment as a breakthrough against AIDS; the study group will be at least 10 patients and they will be treated over one year period.  
Why Project Hope?

Patient Mr.X, age 40, came to our therapy centre with full-blown AIDS. This was corroborated both by clinical examination of multi-system complications and by laboratory results (please see Appendix 1: Patient X: Lab Reports Summary) 

He was administered varmam treatment over the next 3 months; varmam herbal oil and varmam herbal medicine were given orally every day and varmam pressure points were applied twice a week.

The patient showed remarkable improvement. His immunity improved and symptoms were visibly reduced.  He was able to resume his official duties with full vigour, although they involved a lot of daily physical labour. Laboratory tests confirmed that the viral load in his body had also been greatly suppressed (please see Appendix 1: Patient X: Lab Reports Summary). 

Project Hope: Proposed Duration
One year 

Inclusion criteria:

HIV / AIDS patients must be above age of 18. The varmam treatment involves intake of varmam herbal oil and varmam herbal medicines. The latter have to be consumed as liquids (kasayam). As it would be simpler to administer these treatments to adults rather than children, the current study limits itself to adult patients. 

Methodology & Scope:

Selected patients will receive varmam treatment for one year at Coimbatore. A separate therapy centre will be created for this project. Improvements in physical symptoms will be monitored at the end of every month. Laboratory tests will be done five times during the one year period and improvements recorded.  Two expert panels will oversee the whole project. 

Panel 1: Internal

This panel will comprise of 3 registered medical practitioners from the Arts Research Institute and one senior varmam researcher, namely Dr.Shunmugom.N.

Panel 2: External

This will comprise of a maximum of 4 independent medical professionals, preferably from institutions with substantial prior experience in the area HIV/AIDS. Although they will be paid a traveling allowance where necessary, they will not be paid any other fees, to maintain the objectivity of the study. They are expected to kindly volunteer their services for this worthy effort.


The cost per patient has been worked out at Rs.50,000/- for the one year period of study. This includes: 
1. Expenses related to assessing the condition of the patient in an external laboratory. This will be done five times; at the start of the project and after every 3 months after start of treatment.
2. Expenses related to consulting fees of medical professionals other than those on the 2 expert panels. Such advice may be required during the duration of the project.
3. Expenses related to varmam herbal oils and varmam herbal medicines to be administered to the patients.
4. Expenses related to creation of separate therapy centre on a rented building for the duration of the project.

Sponsorship Sought:

The minimum number of patients needed to undertake the project is 10. At an estimated cost of Rs.50,000/- per patient, the minimum total project cost works out to Rs.5,00,000/- If greater sponsorship is forthcoming, the project can include a greater number of patients. 

We welcome sponsorships from individuals, corporate, non-governmental organizations and government bodies. The project cost can be shared among multiple sponsors. The names of the sponsors will be highlighted in all project reports, meetings and media coverage of the project. Donations made to this worthy cause will be 100% exempt from tax under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act.

Any entity sponsoring an amount of Rs.1,00,000/- or more may appoint a medical professional of their choice to serve on the External Panel. 

IPR, etc.:

All the intellectual property arising out of the project will belong to Arts Research Institute, charitable trust. Neither the sponsors nor the medical professionals involved in the project may claim a share in the same.
Project Hope: Final Appeal

Please join us in this attempt to find a breakthrough against the deadly AIDS disease. India’s Varmam treatment has shown us a new ray of hope. Let us take the first step to turn this into a floodlight – one that brings new life to the millions suffering around the world. 

Thank you!

For further details regarding ARI or the project, please contact us at +91-422-3217744 or email us at


Patient Mr.X, age 40.




Test 20.04.2005 14.07.2005 24.11.2005 17.03.2006
CD-4 Absolute Count
(Normal: 400 - 1610 Cells/MicroL)
530 498 466 516
CD-8 Absolute Count
(Normal: 220-1130 Cells/MicroL)
2,500 1,825 1,459 1,269
CD-4 & CD-8 Ratio
(Normal: 0.9 - 1.9)
0.21 0.27 0.30 0.41
HIV –I Viral Load by Amplicor (Copies/ml)
39,800 36,200 19,700 11,200


Test 22.07.2006
CD-4 Absolute Count
(Normal: 400 - 1610 Cells/MicroL)
CD-8 Absolute Count
(Normal: 220-1130 Cells/MicroL)
CD-4 & CD-8 Ratio
(Normal: 0.9 - 1.9)
0.37 0.20 0.20
HIV –I Viral Load by Amplicor (Copies/ml)
HIV-1 RNA not detected.
(Detection Limit > 70)


Last Updated: 7th August 2009

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