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Project Vathsalya Bhavam

Varmam Medical Care for Special Children – Workshop for parents and care givers.

Project Overview:

Bhakti Yoga outlines five attitudes that a devotee can take towards God. Of these, in Vathsalya Bhavam, one considers God as a child and cares for him unconditionally. It is with this attitude that Project Vathsalya Bhavam has been launched, to impart free varmam training to parents and caregivers of special children.

Such parents often dedicate their whole lives to the care for these children. Their daily lives are quite stressful and consumed by the special needs of their offspring. Every little step that such a child takes towards independence, not only improves the quality of life of the child itself, but also brings great stress relief to his/her parent. Parents who have witnessed their child’s condition improve know the enormous difference this makes to the whole family’s day-to-day living.

Varmam Overview:

Varmam denotes life energy.  As a science of medicine, it traces its recorded origins to as far back as the 5th century AD. It has its own extensive written texts on physiology, anatomy, diagnosis and treatment. Although it is a very vast science, treatment primarily involves application of pressure to specific points of the body where life energy is abundant.

The basic protocol of varmam therapy for Special Children involves stimulating varmam points which:

  • Protects the brain cells.
  • Helps in development of brain cells.
  • Enhances distribution of brain energy in the body.
  • Enhances the sensory and motor divisions of the nervous system.
  • Enhances oxygen inhalation and its distribution in the body.
  • Strengthens internal organs (i.e. heart, lungs, liver, gallbladder and spleen) in the body.

In addition to the basic protocol, additional varmam points will be stimulated based on the condition of the individual child. For e.g. a children having problem with eye sight, varmam points related to eye sight will be stimulated.

About ARI:

Arts Research Institute (ARI) is a registered public charitable trust founded in 2005. Thirumoolar Varmam Research & Therapy Centre (TVR&TC), a unit of ARI, has 15 therapy centres in Tamil Nadu and 3 therapy centres in other Indian states.  Through TVR&TC, the trust provides cost effective medical treatment to nearly twenty thousand patients every month, using varmam, an ancient Indian medical system. The results achieved across a variety of diseases were highlighted at the first National Conference on Varmology held in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu in May 2008.

All treatment at TVRTC is done under the supervision of government recognized medical professionals and under the guidance of Dr.N.Shunmugom, Ph.D., Varmam Researcher. Dr.N.Shunmugom has, at the behest of the Directorate of Indian Medicine and Homoeopathy, trained more than 500 physicians employed in Tamil Nadu Government Hospitals and Primary Health Centres.

Project Aim:

To impart varmam training free of cost to parents / care givers of special children to speed up the progress of such children towards normalcy and independence.

Why Project Vathsalya Bhavam ?

We have been treating special children at our therapy centres since 2005 and they seem to respond well to varmam treatment. These results are based on varmam application given to the children just twice a week.

Encouraged by the progress made by the special children, we felt that if a parent or caregiver is taught a basic varmam protocol, he or she would be able to apply the varmam points on a daily basis, at home. This would speed up the progress of the child towards normalcy and independence.

Inclusion Criteria:

Parents / care givers of the special children who are already undergoing varmam treatment at any of our therapy centres.


After varmam training, the parents / caregivers of the special children are advised to do varmam application twice a day. They also continue to bring their child to the therapy centre twice a week for regular varmam treatment. Progress of the special child is monitored on a monthly basis by medical officers at our therapy centres.


Varmam training is imparted free of cost to the parents / caregivers of the special children. The expenses of the varmam training camp are absorbed by ARI.


While ARI is moving ahead with its commitment to conduct these camps across all its therapy centre locations, even without external support, we welcome sponsorships from individuals, corporate, non-governmental organizations and government bodies. Donations made to this worthy cause will be 100% exempt from tax under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act.


Through the joint efforts of varmam researchers, medical practitioners, social workers and parents, Project Vathsalya Bhavam aims to achieve not just a medical improvement, but also a social improvement in the lives of these children and their families.

Video of workshop conducted on 6th June 2010 at Coimbatore:


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